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Duane Johnson Group, LLC is the premier retirement planning company serving the Inland Empire.

Meet Duane Johnson
Duane Johnson has been in the insurance industry since 1993.  He founded the “Duane Johnson Group, LLC” in 2001 and began conducting the “Senior Financial Survival Bootcamp” and “Roadmap to Retirement” seminars. He also is featured in the "Senior Market Advisor" Magazine. >> Read More.

The Duane Johnson Group, LLC believes in certainties. As people enter their retirement years, they shouldn’t have to worry about what-ifs. They need to protect the assets they have, with sufficient growth to ensure they’ll have the income they’ll need to live out their retirement the way they choose, through confident income planning and asset protection.

The Duane Johnson Group, LLC is intimately familiar with the needs and concerns of retirees and pre-retirees because they have been the company’s exclusive focus for 14 years. Duane Johnson started his firm in 2001 after working in the insurance industry for eight years.

As people enter their retirement years, their needs change. Keeping what they have becomes paramount. As Will Rogers said, ‘I’m more concerned with the return of my money than the return on my money.’”

Over the years, we have not only helped hundreds of clients retire comfortably, we have guided thousands of additional Southern Californians toward their retirement goals through our popular seminar, Retirement Financial Bootcamp, held approximately four times a month at locations throughout the Inland Empire.

At the Duane Johnson Group, LLC, our mission is to prepare retirees and pre-retirees
for a secure retirement, so they can spend with confidence. We also assist clients with estate planning so they can feel confident their assets will be passed on to their loved ones according to their wishes.

Each client receives a customized plan based on his or her needs, goals and concerns. We take the time to get to know each client on a personal level so we can tailor the proper plan for their situation.

Duane featured on the "Reverse Mortgage" Radio Show with Deborah Nance on AM 590

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Duane and Michelle featured on "Spotlight on Business" aired on AM 590 "Talk of the Inland Empire."

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Certified National Ethics Bureau Members
The “Better Consumer Alliance“ for the financial industry. If your advisor is not an approved member, you may want to ask yourself, “WHY NOT?” Visit the National Ethics Bureau and see why Duane Johnson Group, LLC is an approved ethics business. or call 1-800-250-1831.

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